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GoodHome Cavally Close-coupled Rimless Toilet

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Features and benefits

This Cavally rimless close-coupled toilet pan will help to make any bathroom a more hygienic space. The rimless design means it has no ledges or a rim so there won’t be a build-up limescale and bacteria, making cleaning quicker and more hygienic. It also means that water is fully projected round to the front of the bowl, cleaning it more thoroughly than a standard toilet. The soft-close toilet seat that is provided protects against mechanical damage.

  • The rimless design eliminates the rim where bacteria can gather, making it more hygienic
  • The toboggan design between cistern and bowl minimises crevices where bacteria can develop, making the toilet easy to clean
  • Features an eco-friendly 6L/3L dual flush, helping you save both water and money
  • The soft close, quick-release, duroplast toilet seat helps with noise reduction, durability, and easy cleaning
  • This identical product is currently available under two of our brand names. Please note that if you order this product online you might receive it in the alternative brand name to the one displayed.

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